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San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica

Formerly "Piedra Grande" ("big stone")

Seal of San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica  San Rafael is the fifth canton of Heredia province in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 48.39 km², and has a population of 42,651. The capital city of the canton is also called San Rafael. The canton is located at northeast of the provincial capital city of Heredia, going upwards on the slopes of Cordillera Volcánica Central (Central Mountain Range). The canton of San Rafael is subdivided into 5 districts.

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San Rafael, Canton of Heredia

Map of San Rafael de Heredia in Costa Rica Location: At the center of the southern area in the province of Heredia, Costa Rica.
Coordinates: 10°00'57"N 84°06'05"W
Subdivisions: Districts: 5
Area: 48.39 km² (1) (18.68 sq mi)
Population: 42,651 (Dec 31, 2008) (2)
Capital: San Rafael.
     Elevation: 1,264 m ASL (4,147 feet)
     Average Temperature: 19.8°C (67.6°F)
     Annual Rainfall: 2.500 mm (96 inches)
*San Rafael Church, Municipal building, Liceo Carlos Pascua, Pedro Mª Badilla School.
*Braulio Carrillo National Park, Reserva Forestal Cordillera Volcánica Central, Cerro Dantas National Wildlife Refuge.
*Bosque de la Hoja, Monte de la Cruz, Añoranzas Restaurant & Historical Collection exhibition.

The Canton of San Rafael de Heredia and its Districts
Notes & References for this table:   [1] IGN 2009.   [2] INEC (Jan 2009).  [3] The capital of a district is a Village in the IGN nomenclature.  [4] Distance (in km) and direction, from the Capital of Canton.  [5] Altitude (in m above sea level) at the capital town of the canton.  [6] Temperature at the capital town of the canton.  [7] Capital of canton.  [8] From Heredia city.
 District Name  Area [1] (km2) Population (2009) [2] Capital [3] km from CoC [4] Altitude (m ASL) [5] Temperature [6] Foundation
1San Rafael [7]1.3511,010San Rafael 10, N [8] 1,264 19,8 °C May 28 1885
2San Josecito1.2311,876San Josecito3, N1,24520 ºC May 28 1885
3Santiago1.517,508Santiago3, SE1,220 20 ºCMay 28 1885
4Ángeles22.077,726Ángeles7, NNW1,496 19 °CMay 28 1885
5Concepción22.234,531Concepción 2, NE 1.490 19 °CMay 28 1885

Map of San Rafael de Heredia
Catholic Church of San Rafael de Heredia.
Catholic Church
San Rafael, Heredia. Costa Rica.

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Administrative Division Details1

The canton of San Rafael is dividided into 5 districts:
San Rafael (Town), Latitude 10°00'58"N, Longitude 84°06'02"W.
Neighbourhoods: Amistad, Matasano (part), Paso Viga (part).
San Josecito (Village), Latitude 10°00'50"N, Longitude 84°06'28"W.
Neighbourhoods: Bajo Molinos, Joya, Matasano (part), Peralta.
Santiago (Village), Latitude 10°00'35"N, Longitude 84°06'22"W.
Neighbourhoods: Jardines de Roma, Jardines Universitarios, Suiza.
Angeles (Village), Latitude 10°02'21"N, Longitude 84°05'27"W.
Neighbourhoods: Paso Viga (part), Saca.
Hoods (3): Calle Hernández (part), Castillo, Cerro Redondo, Getsemaní (part), Joaquina, Lobos, Montecito, Palma (part), Quintanar de la Sierra, Uvita.
Concepción (Village), Latitude 10°01'45"N, Longitude 84°04'08"W.
Neighbourhoods: Palenque.
Hoods: Anonos, Burial, Calle Chávez, Ciénaga. Charquillo, Mora, Pilas, Turú.

IGN (National Geographic Institute) main maps:
1:50.000: Barva.
1:10.000: Burío, Cubujuquí, La Hoja, Turales, Uriche.

 San Rafael, the 5th canton of province of Heredia, had its origin as an extension of Heredia city, and today is a town with constant vehicle transit to the restaurants, cabins and hotels. Map of Heredia Also there are a lot of people going to "Monte de la Cruz" or to "Bosque de la hoja" as well, which are the main public interesting places. San Rafael belongs to "Gran Area Metropolitana" and it is estimated that districts of San Rafael, San Josecito and Santiago covers the urban area in the full territory of that.

San Rafael features a clinic and "La Joya" hydroelectric plant. In the agriculture activities, principal crop production are coffee and vegetables, and there is also cattle for milk. At the northern area of San Rafael is partially located the "Reserva Forestal Cordillera Volcánica Central" and Braulio Carrillo National Park.

Notes & References:
(Repeated citations ordered in parenthesis)
1 (1,2,3) - Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN), 2009.
2 (1,2) - Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos (INEC), Dec 2008 and 2009 publications.
3 - In the IGN nomenclature, "Barrios" and "Poblados" are both subdivisions of a district; and in this website the terms Neighbourhoods and Hoods will be used as their respective english translations. A Neighbourhood is any settlement located at the very surroundings of the capital village of the district, and depends upon its basic services; whereas a Hood is a not so near settlement which features some independence from the services of the main district village.

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